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It is halloween night, and in a club in downtown Chicago there's a costume party. Among the numerous pirates, zombies, mummies and Frankenstein monsters, there is Chloe, a very sexy twenty-four years old girl dressed as a deviless, who is having a drink with her best friend. Suddenly appears at their table a very mysterious figure, with a mask on his face, a long black cape and fangs "What a beautiful deviless" says the man, staring at Chloe "shall we dance?". The girl, fascinated and interested in the vampire, he gets up and walks over to him, and the two go togeather on the dance floor. "And you are a vampire, huh?" the girl asks to the man, "Are you one of real ones? Let me see your teeth!" and without hesitation the man shows his fangs to Chloe. "Wow, they look so real!" says the girl amused "I never told you that they are not" the man replies. After a few minutes of dancing, the girl starts to feel more and more attracted by this masked man, and the dance becomes more sensual. "Come with me," the man says to the girl, "I will prove that my fangs are authentic" and Chloe, without thinking twice, follows the man in a quiet place in the club. The two start kissing passionately, the man kisses and licks the girl's neck, and then goes behind her. "Do you want to experience the wonders of a real vampire's bite?" asks the masked man, and she responds with a smile, "I can not wait, bite me now, Mr. Vampire" and exposes her neck, offering herself the masked man. "If that's what you want ..." and the vampire, after again kissed her skin, bites her on the neck. A groan of pleasure and pain comes from the mouth of Chloe, which perceives a shiver down her whole body. The vampire fangs away from the girl's neck and begins to drink her blood, touching her sensual body. Chloe bites her lip and began to touch herself as well, fully submitting to "kiss" the vampire. She has not fully realized that she was really bitten by a creature of the night, but in the end that's okay for her. Chloe goeas away with vampire into a night of passion, a night that will never end...



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